The Positive App

The Positive App is a versatile tool designed to support our live programme offerings. Within the app you will find key learning resources as well as news and research articles from the world of psychology curated by our staff. You will also find a range of interactive tools, including the popular ‘Emotional Barometer’ tool, designed to enhance key constructs relating to psychological wellbeing and resilience.

The Positive App is available for all Android and iOS devices. Please note, you must be registered on one of our programmes in order to access the Positive App.

Positive Online

The Positive Online platform allows you to access key features from the Positive App from any browser. You can also find additional resources to support your learning and, depending on the programme you are enrolled in, get access to the Positive Forum, where you can share stories and collaborate with other participants.

If you already have a Positive account you can sign in here.