FREE Webinar: Managing Uncertainty for Leaders and People Professionals

Past Event

At Positive, we know that many leaders and people professionals are currently looking for practical support in managing the effects of coronavirus. Although coping with uncertainty can be difficult, there are always things we can do.

On Wednesday 1st April, Positive psychologists Dr Brian Marien and Dr Sinéad Devine-French will be running a free 45-minute webinar designed to help you navigate this difficult time. They will be exploring how you can support your colleagues, manage stress and anxiety and establish an organisational narrative that promotes a positive and proactive response to the coronavirus challenge. They will also be answering some of your questions.

The webinar will…

• Outline the core psychological challenges organisations are facing

• Introduce relevant research from psychology that can help people to better manage uncertainty

• Answer key questions submitted by the audience in advance

• Provide practical insights and advice specifically tailored for leaders and people professionals

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