The Resilient Road

Life can be hard, and dealing with its challenges is no mean feat. The ability to bounce back quickly is known as resilience and can be our best ally during difficult times.

In The Resilient Road, Positive Group psychologists Sinéad, Brian and Elle look at human stories of perseverance, to explore what makes someone resilient, and how we can all nurture this process in our own lives.

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It’s scientific fact: understanding what triggers our thoughts, feelings and behaviours improves our mental wellbeing. But the human brain is complex, and unraveling the whys and hows can be tricky.

In this four-part series, presenter and all-round science enthusiast Rick Edwards unpacks our behavioural quirks with psychologist Dr. Brian Marien, co-founder of the Positive Group.

Each episode gives us insight into a psychological trait: what it is, how it affects us and what we can do to adjust when it gets the better of us.

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