Positive and Radio Wolfgang Launch Second Podcast Series

Positive Group and Radio Wolfgang are thrilled to announce the launch of their second podcast series, The Resilient Road.

The Resilient Road brings together remarkable real-life stories of resilience with accessible insights from psychology and neuroscience. Positive explores questions such as ‘How can we use our minds to help us cope during periods of threat and uncertainty?’, ‘How can we find acceptance in the face of social exclusion?’ and ‘How can we tolerate setbacks and continue to embrace challenge in the face of adversity?’.

Guests on the series include journalist John McCarthy, presenter Miquita Oliver and olympic rower David Smith, with commentary provided by Drs Brian Marien, Sinéad Devine-French and Eloise Crush of Positive.

The six-part series is available now on Audioboom, Spotify and Apple Podcasts and there are already discussions taking place about producing a second series. If you have a personal story of resilience and would be interested in featuring, please get in touch.

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