If there’s one thing that can be said of all organisations, it’s that they contain people – individuals who can’t help but think, feel and behave in particular and often predictable ways. In today’s uncertain, rapidly changing world, having an understanding of human psychology and the factors that drive human behaviour has become essential for organisations to have the best chances of success.

At Positive, our work focuses on the translation of research in psychology and neuroscience into practical applications that can enhance and maintain psychological wellbeing and performance. We partner with organisations to build capability, equipping employees with knowledge and tools that are science-based, adaptable and most importantly, proven to achieve real, measurable results.


We offer a range of solutions to help to improve wellbeing and performance across your organisation, from our popular Positive Leaders Programme to our brand new online learning experience, Positive NOW. Browse the selection below, or contact us to discuss your specific organisation’s needs.

Build capability with a top-down approach to psychological wellbeing. Train leaders and people professionals to develop versatile protective skills that can be applied personally, then shared with their colleagues and teams.

  • Blended programme delivered virtually over 16 weeks
  • 12 hours of live virtual classrooms
  • Small groups of <20 participants
  • Includes 12-month access to Positive NOW
  • Positive Leader certification

Drive positive change throughout your organisation with a scalable online learning solution. Give individuals the tools and techniques they need to manage their psychological health and perform at their best, both now and in the future.

  • Practical tools and techniques to drive sustainable change
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Varied multimedia content
  • Ongoing updates and content releases
  • Supported by the Positive NOW Toolkit app

Get unique insights into the psychological health of your people and organisation. Measure what matters and receive expert guidance on practical next steps, allowing you to better prioritise and target your resources.

  • Two tool options available: People Check-in and Culture Check-in
  • Comprehensive reports containing findings and recommendations
  • Suitable for organisations of all sizes
  • Enables you to prioritise and target your resources

Raise awareness, spark discussion and build momentum for change with talks for every audience. Choose from a variety of topics and enjoy delivery by an experienced psychologist every time.

  • 60-minute talks, delivered virtually (45-minute talk, 15-minute Q&A)
  • Led by an experienced psychologist from Positive
  • Suitable for audiences of all sizes
  • Relevant, engaging and practical

Positive Stories

Building Capability

CYBG logo
Supporting a broader cultural change programme, we worked with CYBG to improve resilience and flexibility among employees during a period of significant change and uncertainty. Adopting a top–down approach, we now support a community of more than 100 Positive Leaders who are trained and accredited to take out their learning to 7000 employees across the UK.
"“Fantastic leadership programme with practical learning for me to implement and provide support for my team.""
Accredited Positive Leader, CYBG

Improving Wellbeing and Resilience

Grant Thornton logo
Working with the UK partnership of Grant Thornton LLP, we delivered a modular programme designed to improve psychological wellbeing and build resilience. As well as teachings from psychology and neuroscience, the programme covered aspects of sleep, nutrition and exercise to provide partners and their teams with a practical everyday toolkit to improve and maintain wellbeing.
"“The resilience piece is absolutely critically important for Grant Thornton and having piloted it we saw the value and decided to invest in it.”"
Scott Barnes, Chairman of Grant Thornton's International Board

Managing Pressure and Uncertainty

NHS logo
Working with consultant oncologists, we developed a targeted programme to improve emotional literacy and psychological wellbeing within an NHS trust. The programme equipped consultants with knowledge and tools to better manage the pressures of their working environments while also exploring the impact of improved psychological wellbeing on interactions with patients.
"“Working with Positive created a more supportive working environment, improved communication and collaboration as well as better equipping consultants to deal with patients and their relatives.”"
Fiona McKinna, Consultant Oncologist, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Supporting Change and Transformation

Working alongside a global change agenda within Amgen, we developed a programme for leadership and people managers to improve resilience and build more flexible, adaptive teams. Over 400 leaders across Europe, the US and Canada have been taken through the programme so far and it is now an established part of Amgen’s leadership curriculum.
"“The programme is one of the most engaging I've ever experienced. The combination of science, knowledge and practical application was brilliantly done.”"
Accredited Positive Practitioner, Amgen