University can be a challenging time. Having to adapt to a new environment with new people, routines, responsibilities and expectations can be stressful, and students’ experiences can have an enormous impact on both their immediate and future wellbeing and choices.

We work with tutors, staff and students to help them build resilience and develop positive, protective everyday habits. By combining relevant theory with practical tools, we help them to better manage pressure and change and to develop skills that can support them throughout their lives.

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Anglia Ruskin Medical School joins Positive

The School of Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University has become the first of its kind to partner with Positive to help support its staff and students. The psychological wellbeing of those within the medical profession is an area of great… Read more
Universities | higher education, students, tutors

UAL and Positive Group working together to support student and staff wellbeing

University of the Arts London (UAL) has announced that it is working with the Positive Group to equip staff and students with evidenced tools and techniques to optimise their psychological health and wellbeing. The announcement of the new initiative coincides… Read more
Universities | PIE, university

University College London to roll out PIE

Post-graduates at University College London (UCL) will be some of the first students to experience Positive’s new app-based PIE programme. The programme will be delivered to post-graduates at UCL later this year with the specific aim of helping students better… Read more
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Moving on Up: Managing the Transition to University

In 1987, a longitudinal study was conducted to examine the effects of transitions to university on the wellbeing of first-year students. The study found that all students evidenced increased psychological disturbances, such as heightened levels of anxiety, stress, and homesickness,… Read more

An option for everyone

Positive Tutors

In Person
App & Online

Support tutors and students to build resilience and improve their wellbeing through a combination of live training and app and online support. Achieve greater understanding and awareness and help to drive positive change throughout the university.

  • Live training sessions with subject matter experts
  • Ongoing access to the Positive App and online platform
  • Licence for tutors to distribute the Positive App to other staff and students
  • Access to data insights and Positive reporting
  • Opportunities to share experiences and learn from others in your Positive community
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Positive PIE

App & Online

Take staff and students through the core Positive teaching with a flexible app-based programme. Make use of innovative technology combined with accessible science to help individuals and groups establish protective life-long skills.

  • Flexible, micro-bite learning style
  • 16-week introductory phase covering core knowledge and tools
  • Guidance from subject matter experts
  • Practical tools and techniques to use with independently or with others
  • Innovative data and history features to help you track your progress
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