Clare Benka

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Clare Benka


Clare has pursued and fused her fascinations with psychological health, wellbeing and performance. 
After completing a Masters in Occupational & Organisational Psychology, Clare’s initial focus was on Leadership identification and development. With time, her interest shifted to Stress and its impact on performance and wellbeing. As a consequence of this, alongside consultancy and coaching work, she trained in a number of physical therapies, working with a diverse range of clients from elite athletes to those with chronic stress and pain. She sees the two disciplines of psychological and physical health as two sides of the same coin.

Clare writes and delivers seminars on key aspects of physical and psychological health and wellness to corporate clients, as well as maintaining a small London clinic for hands-on therapies and movement. Her aim is to educate, empower and equip clients to make small physical and psychological changes that have the greatest impact.

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