Dr Sinéad Devine-French

Head of Product
Sinéad Devine-French

PhD, BA (Hons)

Sinéad is a chartered psychologist and public speaker who is passionate about proactive approaches which support people and organisations to positively improve psychological wellbeing, relationships, resilience and performance. At Positive she works in the development and delivery of a range of live and virtual programmes, tools and products for both the educational and corporate sectors.

With a career which has spanned the private, statutory, voluntary and educational sectors, Sinéad has a strong interest in the use of cognitive and behavioural approaches to enable sustainable change. She enjoys increasing individual and group understanding of the science of human behaviour, and embedding this knowledge into organisational practice, empowering people to achieve success, improve wellbeing, thrive and adapt.

Sinéad has developed a strengths-based approach to enable positive change by identifying and building on strengths and protective factors at the individual, team and organisational levels. Sinéad has also worked in private practice and has extensive training in a range of evidence-based psychological interventions.

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