Changing the way organisations think, feel and behave

Today organisations face critical challenges as the business environment is changing faster than ever.
The resilience and responsiveness of leaders, teams and organisations has become paramount in order for companies to survive and thrive.


Resilient and responsive teams and organisations are able to manage pressure and adapt to change more effectively, by understanding and utilising the cognitive, contextual and social drivers of human behaviour. Organisations that perceive change as both constant and an opportunity for growth will thrive as conditions become more uncertain.

Our purpose


We translate the science of resilience from academic research into accessible, applicable knowledge and tools which can help organisations to positively change the way they think, feel and behave.

What is Resilience


Resilience is a combination of protective cognitive and behavioural mechanisms with significant proven psychological and physical benefits. The good news is that individuals, teams and organisations can learn and adopt these adaptive tools and techniques.

The business case


Psychological wellbeing is a key performance indicator. Resilient teams perform better under pressure, enjoy higher quality cognitive function (concentration, memory, decision making, innovation and creativity), better physical health and are more effective at positively influencing and motivating others.

What's different


Our output is focused on:



Positive is informed by leading thinkers and academics in psychology (social, cognitive, behavioural and positive) neuroscience, education and the science of learning. See our advisory board.

Action and application


While science is the foundation of all Positive’s work, our key strength is translating the expert knowledge into a highly accessible format. The ‘actionable insights’ and the ‘practical evidence-based tools’ readily translate into daily business practices.



We measure the impact of all our work using real-time visual metaphor tools. Seeing the impact of our actions generates motivation and drives progress.


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