At Positive, we champion a whole schools approach to psychological wellbeing, delivering transformative learning starting with the teacher population. 

Teachers face huge challenges every single day, and their wellbeing has significant implications not only for them as individuals, but also for their colleagues, their students and the school more broadly. We work to support school staff, helping teachers to build resilience and develop practical, versatile skills that they can then pass on to other staff and students.

By taking this two-step approach, we drive sustainable change and help to establish psychological wellbeing within the heart of a school’s culture. Teachers are better equipped to handle the challenges of their profession, while students are given knowledge and tools that can support them throughout their lives.

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Positive Teacher Programme launches in Asia with Island School

Island School in Hong Kong has become the first educational establishment in Asia to adopt the Positive Teacher Programme to support its staff and students. The Positive Teacher Programme is designed to help both teachers and students to optimise their… Read more
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Teacher and Student Wellbeing

Research collected by the Children’s Society found that in the U.K. at least ‘10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem’.[1] Worryingly, ‘50% of mental health problems are established by age 14… Read more
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Positive Welcomes Dulwich College

Positive are excited to announce the newest addition to the Positive Schools group, Dulwich College. Over the next few months, approximately 25 teachers from Dulwich College junior and senior schools will be taken through a programme designed to improve and… Read more
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It’s Normal

October 10th marks World Mental Health day. The objective of the day, as stated by the World Health Organization, is to “raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health”. Psychological wellbeing… Read more

An option for everyone

Positive Teachers

App & Online
In Person

A two-step approach to improving psychological wellbeing that combines live training with app and online support. Teachers are first helped to develop their own skills, then supported in translating their learning for colleagues and students.

  • Live training sessions with formal accreditation for Positive Teachers
  • Ongoing access to the Positive App and online platform
  • Licence to set up teams and distribute the Positive App to other staff and students
  • Guidance from Positive in carrying out action research with your key stage, year or class
  • Opportunities to share experiences and learn from other Positive Teachers
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Positive PIE

App & Online

An accessible app-based programme that guides teachers and parents through the core Positive teaching. Scalable and flexible, PIE helps individuals to adopt positive, protective everyday habits that can support them and those around them.

  • Flexible, micro-bite learning style
    16-week introductory phase covering core knowledge and tools
  • Multimedia content including videos and podcasts
  • Practical tools and techniques to use independently or with others
  • Customisable for your school
  • Insights from existing Positive Teachers
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