At Positive, we champion a whole schools approach to psychological wellbeing, delivering transformative learning starting with the teacher population. 

Teachers face huge challenges every single day, and their wellbeing has significant implications not only for them as individuals, but also for their colleagues, their students and the school more broadly. We work to support school staff, helping teachers to build resilience and develop practical, versatile skills that they can then pass on to other staff and students.

By taking this two-step approach, we drive sustainable change and help to establish psychological wellbeing within the heart of a school’s culture. Teachers are better equipped to handle the challenges of their profession, while students are given knowledge and tools that can support them throughout their lives.

June 2020: We know that the last few months have been incredibly difficult for those working in education. We want to do our bit to help, which is why we’re now offering FREE access to our digital Managing Your Mind for Teachers programme until 1st September 2020. To request access, click here.

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Positive | change, uncertainty

Managing Your Mind: A Toolkit for Coping with Coronavirus Uncertainty

Although coping with uncertainty can be difficult, there are always things we can do. Over the last few weeks, Positive have had a number of requests from organisations looking for support with navigating the challenges associated with coronavirus. We have therefore put… Read more
Positive | attention, distractions, focus

Focusing in a World of Distractions

Focus has been described by Daniel Goleman as ‘the hidden driver of excellence’ [1]. We can’t perform at our best if we can’t manage our attention. It is also inextricably linked to our psychological wellbeing. It’s not just our productivity that stands to suffer if… Read more
Positive | GDST, Positive Schools, Schools

Positive and the GDST: Learn Without Limits

Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO of the GDST, joins Positive’s Dr. Brian Marien and Dr Sinead Devine-French to introduce the latest phase of the Trust’s partnership with the Positive Group, and reflect on the benefits already seen in GDST schools. Read more
Positive | mindset, stress

The ‘S’ Word: Why we need to change the way we think about stress

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘stress’? For many people, the word has overwhelmingly negative connotations: poor health, premature ageing, even early death. Whilst educating people on the dangers of stress is undoubtedly important, the downside… Read more

An option for everyone

Positive Teachers

App & Online
In Person

A two-step approach to improving psychological wellbeing that combines live training with app and online support. Teachers are first helped to develop their own skills, then supported in translating their learning for colleagues and students.

  • Live training sessions with formal accreditation for Positive Teachers
  • Ongoing access to the Positive App and online platform
  • Licence to set up teams and distribute the Positive App to other staff and students
  • Guidance from Positive in carrying out action research with your key stage, year or class
  • Opportunities to share experiences and learn from other Positive Teachers
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Positive PIE

App & Online

An accessible app-based programme that guides teachers and parents through the core Positive teaching. Scalable and flexible, PIE helps individuals to adopt positive, protective everyday habits that can support them and those around them.

  • Flexible, micro-bite learning style
    16-week introductory phase covering core knowledge and tools
  • Multimedia content including videos and podcasts
  • Practical tools and techniques to use independently or with others
  • Customisable for your school
  • Insights from existing Positive Teachers
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