The Positive why

The human mind is full of quirks and glitches. We want to empower people to manage these challenges and realise their potential.


Our story

How Positive began

Brian best

In his work as a medical doctor, Dr Brian Marien could see that some people were more likely to develop mental health problems than others. Yes, there were unavoidable risk factors – genetics, certain traits – but time and again, he saw the power of protective factors: things that people could do proactively to help themselves stay well.

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Meanwhile, Brian’s son Will was climbing the corporate ladder. But when he talked with his dad, he realised how important these protective factors were for all of us – and what a huge impact they could have on our resilience and performance at work. Together, they founded Positive – to help organisations support their leaders and teams proactively, by equipping them with the psychological skills to keep their minds healthy and strong for the long-term.

brian and will

This is mental health reimagined. Why wait to help until your people are unwell, burnt-out, or run-down, when it’s proven to be so much more effective to act before then? The science is clear, and it's Positive's mission to help. Give your people the skills they need to thrive – to be able to manage change, cope with challenges and seize opportunities. To get the best from their brains, long into the future.

Our values

The Positive way

Together we can

We believe in enjoying the journey and doing it as a team. We’re stronger together, which is why we champion generosity and kindness – to ourselves and to others.

Boldly go

We have big ambitions, and big ambitions require bold ideas. We set a high bar and we’re not afraid to be decisive to break new ground.

Embrace change

Change is the only constant in life. We pride ourselves on being flexible, seeking feedback, embracing life-long learning and staying open to new experiences.

Make it happen

Ideas are just the start – we want to make them a reality. We believe in having a plan, communicating and taking ownership to get us where we need to be.

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