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Navigating the new world

Navigating the new world

Navigating the new world

After months of upheaval with Covid-19, organisations are now facing yet another challenge: how do they nurture a successful transition back to the office or into a new hybrid style of working? Organisations have an exciting opportunity to rethink the ‘norm’ and instil a culture of post-pandemic growth supporting employee wellbeing, connection and performance. In this talk, a Positive psychologist will explore key strategies that facilitate a resilient recovery and help teams to re-energise.

Unlocking innovation and creativity

Unlocking innovation and creativity

Unlocking innovation and creativity

Our brains are built to be creative – to problem-solve and innovate. Whilst some are more creative than others, we all have the ability to unlock our most creative selves and that of others. We can learn to build the conditions that foster innovation in teams, idea flow and psychological safety. In this inspiring talk, a Positive psychologist will explore the science of creativity, and share practical ideas and techniques to help you unlock creativity and promote innovation in your teams.

The psychology of sleep

The psychology of sleep

The psychology of sleep

The relationship between sleep and psychological health is one of the most underappreciated scientific findings of the modern world. Sleep is essential to memory, learning, decision-making, emotional regulation and immune function. Since the onset of the Covid-19, global research shows that 40–50% of people have experienced a deterioration in sleep. In this fascinating talk, a Positive psychologist will explore the science of sleep and discuss what you can do to establish healthy sleep patterns.

Together we can

The power of kindness

The power of kindness

We live in a fast-paced and busy world. To consistently be at our best, we need to invest in the factors that can sustain our wellbeing, energy and focus. We've all felt the power of kindness and research shows it can be hugely beneficial for our wellbeing. However, kindness is often seen as incongruous with professional behaviours. In this talk, a Positive psychologist will explore the science of kindness, its benefits and how we can embrace it at work – for our own good, as well as for others.

“Intellectually stimulating and insightful, and packed with practical application and simple tips for success. All delivered in a personable, supportive and yet challenging manner. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Tim Taylor
Partner and Practice Leader at Grant Thornton


Leading experts in psychology

Dr Brian Marien

Co-Founder and Chairman

Brian started in medicine and then became fascinated by health, cognitive and behavioural psychology. He worked as a specialist in the Academic Department of Psychological Medicine at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, before co-founding Positive.

Dr Sinéad Devine-French

Chief Product Officer

Sinead loves empowering people to think, feel and be at their best. She’s a chartered psychologist, with a wealth of experience across private, statutory and educational sectors. She has a strong interest in cognitive and behavioural approaches for sustainable change.

Dr Catherine Marshall

Delivery Director

Catherine has a clinical and academic background, having worked as both a forensic psychiatrist and university lecturer. At Positive, she combines her experience and scientific knowledge to deliver engaging and thought-provoking sessions to clients across industries.

Dr Alice Gee

Client Team

Alice is a Clinical Psychologist. She worked in NHS psychological services for ten years before setting up in private practice. She has a wealth of experience in the application of psychological approaches for organisations to improve wellbeing, resilience and performance.

Clare Benka

Client Team

Clare has a Masters in Occupational & Organisational Psychology, and considerable experience as a consultant and coach. She runs a London clinic in physical therapies, and has a wealth of delivery experience with a wide range of organisations and corporates.

Trish Pashazadeh-Allen

Client Team

Trish is a trained Cognitive Neuroscientist with 15 years of finance and business leadership experience. She blends scientific expertise with first-hand knowledge of corporate culture, to empower businesses with strategies for positive mental health in the workplace.

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