Toby Clyde-Smith

Programme Director
Toby Clyde-Smith


Toby is a Programme Director for The Positive Group with a fascination for how to embed healthy human behaviours within schools, universities and businesses. He is particularly driven by how individuals and teams can effectively recover, connect, adapt and learn.

Toby’s interest in human psychology began when he suffered three significant injuries as a young professional rugby player. These injuries left him incapacitated for the best part of four years, needing to psychologically recover and rebuild. It was during this time he began to develop an understanding of the variables that nourish or deplete the human spirit. Although the injuries forced his early retirement from sport, he left keen to take what he knew to the workplace.

Toby spent the next seven years working in financial services, where he noticed a stark similarity between the world of work and rugby: while they both took physical recovery extremely seriously, allowing people the time and space to repair broken bones and ligaments, there was a lack of focus on fostering psychological resilience. Determined to address this disparity, Toby retrained in psychology and joined Positive in 2017.

At Positive Toby has spent the last three years working on international speaking opportunities and developing cutting edge psychological programmes for our clients. In his spare time he is a mentor and coach for young offenders and an ambassador for Combat Stress, for whom he recently completed an unsupported cycle across Africa.

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