Positive was set up in 2011 with the vision of using research in psychology and neuroscience to help individuals and organisations optimise their wellbeing and performance. Focusing on positive, sustainable change, we equip individuals and teams with practical skills that enable them to improve and maintain their psychological health and performance.

Positive started out in the business world before expanding into the education sector in 2016. Since then we have continued to grow and we now work with schools and universities across the UK, as well as public and private sector organisations both nationally and internationally.

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What we do…

Positive’s primary aim is prevention. Combining the science behind psychological wellbeing with a range of evidence-based tools and techniques we seek to raise awareness of the risk and protective factors linked with psychological health. We believe that all organisations and educational establishments can make positive, protective changes to their culture and practices to promote optimal psychological health.

What we don’t do…

Our programmes are designed to help people understand how to develop healthy, protective habits to promote good psychological wellbeing. We do not provide clinical support or interventions for people experiencing psychological health difficulties. We aim to raise awareness and emotional literacy but we do not aim to offer treatment. We therefore ask the organisations we work with to make clear to staff and students where they can access support if concerned about their own psychological health or that of someone else.

Duty of Care:

Our work is designed to increase awareness of moodstate and psychological wellbeing. For this reason, it may trigger concerns at either a personal or interpersonal level. For some people it can cause them to consider positive changes they can make in their lives, whilst for others it can raise their awareness that they need to seek further help and support for their psychological health. If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or someone else you should seek the advice and support of the designated professional within your organisation as a matter of priority. If you experience, or are presented with someone experiencing, heightened levels of distress and/or suicidal ideation medical assistance (GP or A&E) should be sought as a matter of priority. Please see our FAQs page for a list of support websites and helplines.