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Positive | emotions

Jane Austen’s Emma: Reading the Emotions of Others

2017 marks the bicentennial anniversary of the death of one of Britain’s most famous authors: Jane Austen. Whether loved or loathed, Austen’s novels—including Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Sense and Sensibility—summed up and astutely satirized Georgian England. The continued… Read more
Positive | psychology

The Psychology of Tennis

There is perhaps no event in the summer sporting calendar more iconic than Wimbledon. While some might join the droves of people descending on South London merely in search of sun and strawberries, the main event is, of course, tennis.… Read more
Positive | Schools, students, teachers

Teacher and Student Wellbeing

Research collected by the Children’s Society found that in the U.K. at least ‘10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem’.[1] Worryingly, ‘50% of mental health problems are established by age 14… Read more
Positive | learning, teaching

Watch One, Do One, Teach One

In 2016, Michael Beer of Harvard Business School released a paper entitled ‘The Great Training Robbery.’ Beer’s pun alluded to the fact that despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars on training and education, evidence and experience showed that corporations… Read more
Positive | learning

Social Learning: What Can We Learn From Bees?

In Social Physics, Alex Pentland outlines the major effect our patterns of interaction have on our productivity and creativity. Drawing on a wealth of sociometric data gathered from a host of organisations, Pentland identifies two processes that creativity is dependent… Read more
Positive | measurement, motivation

Using Measurement Where it Matters to Drive Motivation

Imagine that every Christmas you and your colleagues receive a bonus and, since it’s the festive season, a free turkey to boot. The turkey is positioned as a wholesome thank you from the head honchos. This year, however, the company… Read more
Positive | artificial intelligence

Wait and Die or Adapt and Thrive: AI and the Workplace

2.6 million years ago early humans were beginning to use sharp stones for cutting meat and other foods. At the dawn of 2017, we are looking forward to the development of driverless cars, uncanny augmented and virtual reality software, and… Read more

Social Physics: Fake News and Echo Chambers

In a poll of registered U.S. voters, 14% of Donald Trump supporters believed reports that a Washington D. C. pizzeria was the HQ of a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton. 32% of respondents were “not sure”. The remaining… Read more
Positive | psychology, stress

The Psychology of Stress

At the start of psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk, the Stanford University lecturer relays an unsettling statistic from a recent research paper: in the past year, McGonigal says, people who experienced a large amount of stress had a 43 percent… Read more