Can talking about psychological health make things worse?

Talking about psychological health: can it do more harm than good? Our experts discuss the problems and the potential in this free webinar.

When it comes to supporting psychological health in organisations, awareness is key. However, there is often a fear among leaders that by talking about psychological health, they will end up making things worse. One concern is that they will draw people’s attention to problems they ‘didn’t know they had’ – or create a culture where their staff are no longer stretched or challenged enough to perform at their best.

After more than a year trying to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals and organisations are struggling. For leaders, there is a very real need to re-energise workforces, encourage growth and drive high performance. At the same time, fatigue is widespread, burnout is on the rise and psychological health – in many cases – in desperate need of support. One thing is clear: leaders cannot afford to make things worse. But are the concerns around talking and awareness-raising justified?

In this free 30-minute webinar, Positive experts Dr Alice Gee, Dr Brian Marien and Will Marien will be looking at the risks and benefits of talking about psychological health. Drawing from the latest research, they will explore the science of psycho-education and the role that conversation can play in determining psychological wellbeing. Finally, they will discuss how leaders can navigate the potential pitfalls in their own organisations to effectively support and re-energise their people.

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